Layer 3 is a provider of quality UPS systems, we sell top international brands that will ensure the uptime of your mission critical hardware. We will supply, install and maintain your UPS systems.


The UPS's that we provide have features that are not found on all competing products. In South Africa, we have to factor in “brown outs”; this means that the power supplied to us is not provided at a stable voltage and is usually below the expected 230volts. Various UPS suppliers compensate for this by draining power from the battery to regulate the output voltage the net result of this shortens the life of the batteries and the end user incurs additional costs as the batteries need to be replaced more often. Our UPS's have a built in “AVR” (Automatic Voltage Regulator) which increases the voltage without using the batteries.


Our recommended products complete regular tests on the batteries and inform you when the battery needs to be replaced - This guarantees uptime. The UPS system has several communication options which allow the unit to send alerts and act as an early warning system that enables users to log in and view the UPS’s status. Another added benefit is the serviceability of the units. Trained staff can easily replace the batteries on the UPS and the batteries can also be replaced while the unit is on which eliminates downtime and saves the customer money.