Access Control

Layer 3 Solutions offers complete Biometric Building Management and Access Control solutions and we are accredited installers for Sagem Biometric Systems. Our Biometric Systems will simplify your building security, it will allow you to securely control who has access to areas and track movements within the building. Reports on late coming, leaving early, extended breaks (and much more) can be easily generated via the software. The readers can also be used for time and Attendance, integration software easily exports your employee hours to your accounting software.


  • No unauthorised access

  • No Fraud

  • No pins

  • Simple safe and fool proof

  • Integration into CCTV and Token/Access cards

  • Runs on an entry level server

  • Monitor employees work times/overtime





If you are looking for biometric installers, finger print scanner installers, biometric systems call us now on 0105900784 or email us on

Layer 3 Networking is our installation partner for the CashGuard product. 


We, at Bullion, adhere to the highest standards to ensure quality installations for customer satisfaction, hence our motto of “Intention Perfection”. In today’s market it’s not that easy to find partners with the same attitude and intention.  In Layer 3, we’ve found such a partner.


Richard and his team take pride in what they do with total professionalism, even beyond what is expected.  Deliverables are always met on time with no re-work, which equates to customer satisfaction. 


We can recommend Layer 3 to anybody that requires their services, products and expertise. We are proud to be associated with them.

Johan Sadie


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